Take advantage of RSS stealers and content scrapers

Sorry to tell you this but there is no surefire way to protect your blog or site against RSS stealers and content scrapers. You can make it more difficult but not without seriously annoying your readers. So if you don’t care about annoying your readers then the easiest way is to remove all access to your blog’s RSS/Atom feed.

Since you can’t protect yourself you can try and make the best of the situation. There are basically two simple ways:

  • Internal links in posts
  • Post footer

Internal links in post are links that goes to other posts/resources on your site with the keywords you want these pages to rank for. You have one or two of these links in your posts. It is fairly simple to use if you have stuff you can link to. You can also use a affiliate link if you have one but I prefer to link to internal pages or posts.

A “post footer” is an area often after your post with a little information and some links to your site. This can be completely automated. You have to decide if the information should viewable by all, by only visitors or those that read through a RSS reader like Feebly, Google Reader or similar. You also have to decide how much information you should have in your footer. Some of your readers might find a big footer annoying.

There are a few plugins that you can use to get a post footer. Personally I think RSS Footer by Joost De Valk is the easiest one to use. It lets you customize a simple footer with some links and some text. Can also add a link to the blog and post in question with the post title as the link text.

RSS Footer settings

If you want to display more information, want other capabilities or perhaps get your visitors to stay longer. Then you can get a plugin that displays related posts in the post footer. Such as Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. YARPP has a lot of customization capabilities and is quite useful if you have a lot of posts.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin Some settings

There are more plugins that you can use but RSS Footer and YARPP are the ones that I like. If you want to suggest other ways to take advantage of RSS stealers and content scrapers feel free to comment. If you think there are plugins that are better than RSS Footer and YARPP please share with the rest of us.

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